How To Improve Your Wireless Speed in 6 Different Ways & Techniques

Wireless Speed

If you’re wary of awaiting hours and hours for things to download, it’s time to think about network optimization. We’ll go through some of the greatest ways to boost your Wireless Speed in the sections below.

1. Pay extra for faster Wireless Speed

Increasing your Internet Service Provider’s plan is one of the most effective ways to gain better Wireless Speed.  This will only work when you are presently on a lower plan and experiencing slower speeds. 

2. Switch to Fibre for More Wireless Speed

If you presently use cable and can upgrade to fiber, you should do so. Fiber is a better network that can deliver lightning-quick download and upload rates. Best of all, you won’t experience network slowdowns when everyone comes home from work during peak hours of congestion.

3. Replace Your Router 

If you already have high-speed Internet with either cable or fiber, yet you’re still experiencing slow WiFi rates, it’s quite probable that your router is the bottleneck. If you are now using an ISP-provided modem/router that you leased or purchased from them, you should stop using it immediately. Instead, you should invest in an AC-capable router of your own.

It’s best to go with a reputable brand like NETGEAR. Any new WiFi-connected gadgets that you purchase will benefit greatly from the purchase of brand-new routers with updated AC technology. All of your modern wireless devices are going to have AC capabilities, allowing you to attain faster speeds and a much longer overall range. If at all you have AC devices, you’ll want to purchase an AC router for protecting your router in the future.

4. Mesh System To Wireless Speed

If you have a big house or property, you’d invest more in a mesh network. By doing so, you can maximize the coverage of your complete network and enhance it to give a seamless network across your entire home. It’s a fantastic experience to be able to walk from one room to the other with your WiFi-connected gadgets. It has the ability to give you seamless coverage across your whole house. The best thing with mesh networks is how reliable they are and how simple they are to use. Many mesh networks are incredibly user-friendly and simple to set up and manage.

5. Choose The Perfect Place For Your Router

If you’re continuing with a one router solution, carry out a thorough evaluation of your property to determine the best location for your router. You must be able to discover the perfect area to give enough range throughout your home by conducting a comprehensive examination of your property. Many people will just select the most convenient location or even hide their router in a cupboard. If you’re currently making this error, it might be causing problems with your wifi connection. Keep your router in the best possible location for broad coverage, and you want it to be free of obstacles. 

6. Look For Unpopular Network Channels 

Any wireless signals being broadcast nearby will interfere with your own signals. As a result, you should continue to use a network analyzer to figure out which wireless channel utilize. If all of your neighbors are on the same channel, it’s possible that it’s interfering with your own. As a result, moving to a less-used channel should cut the level of interference you encounter.


There are several things you can do to increase your wifi signal and Wireless Speeds in general. Aside from upgrading your Data plan with your preferred Internet Service Provider, you’ll want to assess your network to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. That way, you’ll be able to significantly increase the network speeds you can achieve with your WiFi.Frequently, a new router will be of great assistance. If you face problems with your new router, you should try the troubleshooting techniques listed above to attain the speeds you want.