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7 Valuable Strategies For Clash Of Clans Players

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Function Of Clash Of Clans:

The goal of the game is to establish and defend your hamlet while launching raids on other settlements. An upgraded Town Hall serves as a visual cue that the game’s difficulty, cost, and playtime have increased.

In this game, you’ll find a wide variety of defenses from the cannon to the X-Bow, soldiers, hog riders, Golems and heroes, and other goodies. Playing is a breeze: You may either take care of your town by enhancing its assets or you can go on raids and fight in Clan Wars. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the valuable tips, tricks, and best strategies to become a king player on COC. 

Are you ready?

1. Get More Gems

When it comes to clash of cons, gems are recommended that you save some away for later use or at least not use them all up at the beginning of the game.

Having gems on hand is beneficial for accelerating upgrades, particularly in the last hour of the upgrade, as well as for boosting miners and collectors, which raises production by a factor of two. One of the most beneficial ways is to Buy Coc Accounts with a good number of gems. In this way, you can quickly upgrade your village within a short time. You may also purchase a shield to defend your town for a certain amount of time or boost the training of troops.

It takes only a drop or two of elixir to harvest gems from various objects like trees and rocks. While some players may spend hundreds of dollars on gems to speedily construct their town, the game’s appeal lies in the satisfaction of achieving one’s savings goals.

2. Fix A Clear Goal

If you’re in it to earn trophies, made by invading and defending villages and used to determine your standing, you’d better have a well-planned community.

Earlier in the game, when your village is more miniature and you have fewer walls to defend structures, you will have to make some tough decisions.

Some players prefer to keep their Town Hall on the outskirts of their base, providing extra protection for their money, elixir, and dark elixir storages located in the heart of the fortress. The Town Hall will be destroyed in the hopes that the assailants will not stick around to rob the other buildings.

When there are no more improvements to purchase, some players opt to prioritize protecting the Town Hall to save trophies. It’s not hard to make your foundation, and the internet is full of templates you may use as a starting point. The first step is deciding if trophies or resources need to be safeguarded.

3. Renewal Of Mining Equipment And Collection Devices

One of the best methods to gain resources, other than attacking other towns, is to gather them. Depending on their level, gold mines, elixir pumps, and dark elixir drills may create substantial resources.

A fully upgraded pump may generate up to 3,500 of each resource per hour, but a lower-level pump generates just 250 per hour. The outcome is a surplus of resources during protected times, which can last up to 15 hours.

To better invest in bolstering your army and fortifications, it’s wise to invest in expanding your storage facilities.

4. Maintain A High Level Of Attracts

Your hamlet will be safe from outside attacks while the “Shield” is active. It would help if you didn’t launch attacks on another settlement while your shield is still operational.

You may maximize the time your collectors and miners can create resources (for free) and minimize the chance of losing trophies by waiting to attack until your shield goes down (the game notifies you when 30 minutes are remaining).

5. Improve Your Defenses

You can’t win Clash of Clans without solid defenses. Players are urged to spend time and money at the outset upgrading their defenses to their highest degree before proceeding.

However, don’t let it discourage you. Spending effort and resources to upgrade your archer tower, cannon, or X-Bow to their maximum level is a wise decision if you want to protect yourself from higher-level enemies.

6. Enhance The Forces

Fighting and pillaging other players is a major part of the game, and so is leveling up your troops to their utmost so they can deal and withstand as much damage as possible.

Tier 1 soldiers, such as archers and barbarians, may improve relatively quickly. Tier 2 includes giants and wall-breakers, and so forth.

Costs associated with upgrading troops skyrocket at higher Town Hall levels. An example cost is the eight million elixirs required to upgrade to a level three PEKKA, a massive armored unit, in Town Hall 8.

7. Make Use Of The Inexpensive Barch Assault

A player’s ability to plan and execute an attack is crucial in Clash of Clans. Others are more efficient with resources, while others are designed to deal maximum damage. 

When resources are scarce at the beginning of the game, it is best to use inexpensive attacks, such as barch rather than invest in training forces. It is necessary to pick the correct base, which is often dormant ones with full collectors, although “Barch” may also be employed for tougher towns.


Playing “Clash of Clans” successfully requires time and dedication. When playing the game without using any gems, it will take you nearly two years to beat it. Keeping your cool will make things much more manageable.

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